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Six years of the Siegfried Blog

Written by Dylan Gerstley

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This week, we’re celebrating six years of the Siegfried Blog! Since 2018, we have explored thought-provoking topics focused on individual leadership, learned more deeply about how to best leverage our unique intangibles, and perhaps most importantly, highlighted the inspiring personal stories of the people that make us special: our employees. Thank you for taking the time to engage, learn, and grow with us, and here’s to many more years of stories!

The beginning

The Siegfried Blog began with an employee feature on James Potter, now a Siegfried alum, detailing how he came to the United States and became a better leader. The story included a fun photoshoot with James, setting the standard for all employee feature stories to come.

Welcome to New York

Launching the Interesting & Challenging Work Series

Of course, our employees each have their own unique perspectives and value to offer. This value is emphasized in the impact they create with unmatched exposure to new projects, companies, and industries, resulting in shared growth and success for all. Learn how Leah Oleski combined confidence and care to exceed her client’s wildest expectations.

A passion for process improvement

Learning from others

Going above and beyond, at work and at home, requires something greater than the status quo. Our employees embody a growth mindset to learn from others, apply that knowledge, and then share it with everyone they interact with. Explore how Roxy Williams leverages a simple conversation checklist to foster authentic connections.

Give me an H! Taking conversations to the next level

Leaning into leadership

Siegfried is sought after for its unique approach and focus on leadership development. That’s why we offer Leadership Advisory to our clients and employees to help them grow not only professionally, but personally as well. Olek Lis took this focus on leadership and growth to heart, sharing it with his youth soccer team as he completed his USSF C level coaching license.

Connecting and coaching

Reaching for new horizons

Our conversations at Siegfried are defined by how we talk about growth and leadership, guided by the wisdom of Founder and CEO Rob Siegfried. And with such valuable lessons to learn, we launched a new series focused on Rob’s perspectives. In one of our favorites, learn how courage helps you shape the future of your dreams.

The courageous pursuit of your bigger future

Continuously inspiring transformation

As we look toward the future of the Siegfried Blog, we’re reminded of the core goals of leadership and transformational growth. Achieving that growth is challenging and requires perseverance, but can inspire you and others to reach for more every day. Dive into Samantha Schilling’s experience with 75 Hard and how it changed her for the better.

Navigating change: how commitment and connection shape growth

Check the Siegfried Blog weekly for stories like these and more!

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