CEO Perspectives

Asking yourself great, reflective questions

Written by Faith Bartell


Great questions lead to great thinking, which in turn, facilitates great actions. These questions could either be those that you ask others to build compelling connections, or those that you ask yourself to inspire your personal and professional growth.

An example of a great, thought-provoking question that can help you self-evaluate and identify steps toward personal improvement, especially when you’re feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, or stuck, is, “What would you do if you were in charge of your life?”

Although it’s a bit ‘on the nose’ – of course you are in charge of your own life – this question forces you to consider if you are truly taking the reins and making proactive steps toward success. Are you doing everything you can to reduce your frustrations and improve your life? Or are you relinquishing control of your life and becoming a leaf in the wind, a victim of the external circumstances around you? By asking you to identify your shortcomings, or what more you could be doing to better yourself and your current reality, this question motivates you to regain control of your life and take meaningful action toward improvement.

To help get you thinking and spark your ambition, some other questions you can ask yourself are: What are you most passionate about at this moment? What is disappointing or irritating you at this moment? What’s going well? What’s not going well? How can you fix it, if you can? By asking yourself challenging and thought-provoking questions every 90 days, you can dive deep into the steps you must follow to become the best version of yourself, further motivating you to take action toward transformative growth and success.

About our CEO Perspectives series: These insights and perspectives were adapted from sessions and conversations hosted by our CEO and Founder, Rob Siegfried.

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