CEO Perspectives

Compelling connections and thought-provoking questions

Written by Faith Bartell

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At Siegfried, we understand the value of building compelling, authentic connections that improve your personal and professional life. But how do you break through the surface and forge these genuine and impactful relationships? The answer is finding interested people and challenging them to think more deeply.

Building valuable, mutually-beneficial connections requires more than just having a good time with people or sporadically “checking in.” Probing questions need to be asked to go beyond what is typically expected and create truly meaningful interactions. This does not mean you have to be energized around all people at all times. By asking challenging and insightful questions, you can find people who want to be more compelling and are interested in building genuine, involved relationships with you as well.

An example of a challenging and thought-provoking question is, “What’s frustrating you right now?”

A question of this nature encourages reflection that may, at first, be uncomfortable but is ultimately beneficial to consider. When you challenge people to go deeper and keep asking themselves ‘why,’ they will value their relationship with you more and make time for you when they might not have otherwise.

About our CEO Perspectives series: These insights and perspectives were adapted from sessions and conversations hosted by our CEO and Founder, Rob Siegfried.

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