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Siegfried: A sought-after place to be

Written by Dylan Gerstley

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The strongest relationships are fueled by a commitment to being of service to one another, personally and professionally. And while being of service may conjure up images of holding doors, offering rides to the airport, and listening to a friend vent, it can also mean challenging those closest to you to step outside of their comfort zone to grow and achieve the success and happiness they are after.

Marcus Wooling, an Associate Manager in Siegfried’s Los Angeles Market, did just that when introducing Siegfried to a former colleague, Jenny Molina. “I knew Jenny was looking for something different in her career, so I reached out to better understand what that looked like,” explained Marcus. “Did it make sense for her to come to the Firm? If not, how could I be of assistance to help her achieve her higher purpose?”

This genuine interest in helping Jenny further her career in a way that made the most sense to her reflected the authentic nature of the pair’s relationship, and the culture at Siegfried. “Marcus suggested I go to a local event in Santa Monica to see if it was a good fit for me, so I thought why not?” Jenny reflected. “Meeting everyone there, I could just feel the energy, and everyone I spoke to was honest and genuine about the culture and growth opportunities Siegfried has to offer.”

Although attending the event piqued Jenny’s interest, she still had more questions about what a career at Siegfried would look like, and how it would dovetail with her personal aspirations and passions.

Work-life synergy

Jenny’s introduction to Siegfried mirrored Marcus’ in more ways than one. Both professionals came to the Firm through referrals, but they also both wanted a fulfilling professional career that allowed them to pursue their personal interests in meaningful ways.

“I wanted to map out my future and build my arsenal from a professional standpoint, as well as have a better work-life synergy,” said Marcus. “I have a lot of different passions in my personal life and Siegfried allows me to lean into them while growing as a professional.”

At Siegfried, the complementary approach of becoming a better leader for personal and professional benefit is called work-life synergy. “Work-life synergy means that it’s expected and required that you do the hard work on yourself to become a better leader,” said Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder. “It’s about asking yourself the hard questions to figure out what you want, how you want it, and how you are going to go about it. And when you start figuring this stuff out, and become a better leader, you become a better person.”

This concept was deeply appealing to Jenny, who had recently become a mother and wanted to spend more time with her child while advancing in her career. Siegfried promises employees interesting and challenging work through project-based work across a gamut of project types and service lines. 

“The professional opportunities and culture were was very attractive to me, and the focus on personal growth pushed me over the line in wanting to interview here,” commented Jenny, now a Associate Manager in Los Angeles.

Marcus echoed her sentiment, and added: “I was so excited to get away from audit and into other things that interested me, like system implementations, mergers and acquisitions, and really just understanding the nuts and bolts of a business on the ground level to push myself forward as a professional.”

Supporting growth consistently

The growth opportunities at Siegfried aren’t limited to client projects. In addition, the Firm supports employees through initiatives like MY Journey®, a comprehensive program that gives people the tools to explore what is most important to them and what kind of person that want to be in their life. On top of that, Siegfried maintains a consistent focus on upskilling through the recently launched Workday Learning module.

In between client projects, Siegfried professionals participate in MY Time, where they are encouraged to strategically support their growth by leveraging Firm offerings. Jenny, when recently on MY Time, took advantage of the time to complete a certification in financial modeling.

“Siegfried has even thought about how to maximize the time between client projects and made it part of their culture,” said Jenny. “It can be hard to balance client responsibilities with upskilling, so having this time in between projects has helped me become a better professional and explore other areas I’m interested in.”

Interested in a career at Siegfried? Visit our Careers page to find the right opportunity for you.

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