Siegfried Life

A look at Siegfried's culture

Written by Dylan Gerstley

1 Min Read

We like to have fun at Siegfried. So much fun, in fact, it’s one of our company values. (The others are being fair and building and sharing stakeholder value.) This focus on fun and sharing value across employees and friends of the Firm was on display at our National Summit in Las Vegas, NV.

We have an inclusive, collaborative, challenging, and growth-oriented culture that thrives on the alignment of our people with our higher purpose. We focus on empowering our front line (our employees) and encouraging them to do big, innovative, and bold things with a sense of patient urgency.

Our culture is alive and energizing. We use words like love at Siegfried because not only do we love what we do, but we love the people we work with. They are serious and disciplined, they have tremendous perseverance, and are excited about finding the energy and discipline to move forward. They want to bring, be, and become their best, and we want to help them do that.  

Each member of our team is committed to our culture and values, which requires a tremendous amount of respect, trust, and appreciation for the Firm and for each other. Watch the video below to see for yourself how each individual employee of Siegfried makes our culture truly unique, special, and impactful to us all.

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