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The Angels around us: The transformative power of relationships

Written by Sofia Sneathen

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In our journeys through life, we encounter individuals who play pivotal roles in our personal and professional growth. These individuals are more than just supporters; they are pillars that uphold our most meaningful dreams and aspirations – our CEO and Founder Rob Siegfried refers to them as our Angels.

Your personal Angels are the most influential people in your life, as they encourage you to become and continue to be your best self. Angels are honest; they challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace vulnerability on your journey toward personal growth and fulfilling success. They believe in you, even when you doubt yourself, and they see your potential, even when you falter. Angels inspire you to reach higher and support you every step of the way.

The impact that Angels have on our lives, growth, and success is profound. So, we must recognize, nurture, and mirror their invaluable support.

Take a moment to reflect on the people who have had a positive and powerful impact on your life. Who are your Angels? How have they helped you, and why were they inspired to do so? Consider how you can strengthen and support your connections with these Angels. Your understanding of the role that Angels have played in your life will also help you to become an Angel to those around you.

Now, think about who in your life could benefit from your support, encouragement, and belief in their potential? How can you help someone else grow and succeed? Becoming an Angel to others is mutually beneficial – you not only enrich their lives, but you also deepen your own understanding of the transformative power of meaningful relationships.

To get the most out of your Angels, and to be the best Angel for others, you must be humble and surrender to the truth about your life and dreams. By having the courage to be reflective and honest about where you are, as well as where you want to go, you will form the deep and trusting connections that have the power to propel exponential growth.

About our CEO Perspectives series: These insights and perspectives were adapted from sessions and conversations hosted by our CEO and Founder, Rob Siegfried.

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