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We need more young leaders

Written by Megan Davis

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These days, we’re seeing more young leaders on the news and our social media feeds. They’re gracing the covers of magazines, taking the stage at rallies, and inspiring generation after generation. Young students and adults are stepping up to the plate to voice their opinions, share their messages, and work towards change.

So, why is this important? And how can we help young people become leaders sooner, rather than later?

The value of youth

Without a doubt, there’s value in experience. But experience doesn’t always equate to capability. Young leaders, even without experience, are capable and sure of themselves. They carry an optimism and determination missing in older generations. They offer perspectives you may not have considered or found important.

But most of all, they challenge others (and themselves) to see things a different way and they’re not afraid to ask people to care about the issues they care about.

Young leaders are rare and all the more valuable for being unique.

Creating the next generation of leaders

Leadership traits are crucial at any age. Bravery, honesty, creativity, ambition, humility, graciousness. The list goes on and on.

Some of these traits come naturally, but many children and young adults rely on the people around them and years of trial and error to develop these important qualities. The earlier they learn how to identify, hone, and use them, the better.

That’s one of the reasons young leaders are so rare — they’re not hearing that they can be leaders early and often.

A leadership development program designed for students

This is why Rob Siegfried, founder of The Siegfried Group, LLP, created an innovative program for young leaders to find the energy and patience to learn the leadership skills they need for a successful future. He calls this innovative initiative Siegfried Youth Leadership Program.

“This program comes from my heart,” says Rob. “I’m trying to help others become better leaders so they can experience more freedom in their lives. But leadership isn’t easy. It’s a decision and it takes a lot of energy and patience to learn leadership skills. But ultimately, this program and its focus on youth leadership can make a really big difference in a student’s life.”

So, encourage the young people in your life to be leaders, to embrace challenges, and be brave. Remind them that they’re capable and extraordinary. Don’t let them back down or stay silent. We need more young leaders and we all play a role in developing them.


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