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Leading with love

Written by Faith Bartell

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Nothing is stronger than love, and love’s power spans far beyond romantic relationships and connections. In fact, “love” is an important character ethic word, and it is one that we do not shy away from using at Siegfried in our pursuit of transformative growth and meaningful success.

When you pursue your goals through love, you will be more motivated to grow and enjoy more fulfilling success. With this, love has been a large part of Rob’s individual leadership journey – so much so that it is one of his foundational leadership principles. Rob’s top five leadership principles serve as his guide for embodying a strong individual leader, in both his personal life and for the Firm, and are as follows:

  1. Ambition – The relentless pursuit of transformative growth. 
  2. Courage – Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
  3. Humility – Always knowing that you can be better.
  4. Integrity – The strength to do the right thing.
  5. Love – Emotional care and connection together with persistent intellectual curiosity.

While everyone’s leadership principles likely look different, love is the stand-out item on this list. Aside from being a connecting thread between us all, love is incredibly powerful because it encompasses both the head and the heart, simultaneously sparking the desire for and fueling growth.

Love is emotional and based in feeling. But it also drives you to observe that which you love more closely, to learn about that which you love more deeply. Love often inspires us to transform, understanding how we can be better and love better – how we can be the best versions of ourselves to serve the dreams that we care about, or love, the most.

Love is the force pushing us to emulate any other character ethic traits that may appear on our leadership lists, from ambition to courage and beyond. And when you love what you do, in both your personal life and in your career, not only is your journey to success more energized, but your success is more likely and impactful.

About our CEO Perspectives series: These insights and perspectives were adapted from sessions and conversations hosted by our CEO and Founder, Rob Siegfried.

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