Individual Leadership

Why we keep failing and how to stop

Written by Siegfried

This is going to be a tough read. But don’t forget, you’re tough too! There are only a few reasons why you aren’t exactly where you want to be right now.

  • Consistency
  • Endurance
  • Patience

Everyone wants to look, feel, and be their best. At least, I think we do. But is there something holding you back? If there is, what is it?

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s not holding yourself to a higher standard every day. If you want to look and feel better, you need to eat well, exercise, drink water, and sleep more. Which sounds simple, but it’s not easy.

Creating real change

We’re all guilty of not holding ourselves to a higher standard, and I totally get it. We have days where everything is going to hell in a handbasket, and then what do we do?

Grab something that’s comforting, soothing, and helps us forget about the day we had.

But if you want real change, you have to change the way you do things.

You have to be consistent, build endurance when things are tough, and be patient to see the change. That’s where your WHY will help. When you know what you want and why you want it, these three things will come more easily to you.

So let’s put on our grown-up pants and handle this!┬áRemember to live in your strength!

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