Written by Paige Reynolds

6 podcasts to start your summer: 2020

We all know that podcasts are a great way to absorb information and new ideas when you have a little downtime or find yourself multi-tasking. If you’re on the road, getting ready for bed, or drinking coffee, a good podcast is something you can use productively to fill the quiet. They can make you a more compelling person, help you through a tough situation, or just teach you something you didn’t know!

If you’re not listening to podcasts, it might not be a bad idea to sit down and take a listen. Last summer, we put together a list of six podcasts that might strike your fancy. This year, we asked our Instagram followers to share the podcasts they can’t stop hitting play on, and we picked our favorite six to share with you! The full list of recommendations is at the bottom of this post.

Happy listening!

The Joe Rogan Experience

This podcast is hosted by the one and only Joe Rogan who is a comedian, actor, martial artist, television host, and commentator. If you’re looking for a laugh to start your day or pure entertainment after dinner, this is the podcast for you.

Recommended Episode: Kevin Hart. Two comedians in one listen? What could be better? Hear about Kevin Hart’s new audiobook from his point of view and Joe Rogan’s response.                

Crime Junkie

If you’re obsessed with anything crime-related, this is the podcast for you! From “fun facts” about notorious crime cases, to analyzing current cases, this podcast has it all.

Recommended episode: Murdered — Laci Peterson. This episode goes into detail about the infamous case of the disappearance of Laci Peterson. Learn the facts, good and bad, that you didn’t know before to figure out where you stand on this crazy case.

The Daily

The Daily is a news podcast and radio show by the American newspaper The New York Times. Hosted by Times’ political journalist Michael Barbaro, its episodes are based on the Times’ reporting of the day with interviews of journalists from the New York Times.

Recommended episode: What We Learned About the Coronavirus. Six months into the pandemic, we’re reflecting on what we’ve learned about the Coronavirus, and how we can move forward.

Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert is a weekly podcast hosted by American actor, director, and writer Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. Each podcast features Shepard and Padman interviewing celebrities as well as journalists and academics about “the messiness of being human.”

Recommended episode: Jason Bateman. Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Silver Spoons, Juno, Ozark) is an American actor, director, producer and longtime friend of the Armchair Expert. Jason sits down with Dax to discuss tales of sobriety, parenthood, and a whole lot of jokes. 

Planet Money 

Imagine ACTUALLY having fun explaining the economy to your friends and family. Planet Money is an American podcast and blog produced by NPR. Using creative and entertaining dialogue and narrative, Planet Money claims to be “The Economy Explained.” 

Recommended episode: Why do we tip? This episode looks at the economics of tipping as well as the philosophy behind it in a very approachable way. 

Sustainability Defined

This podcast defines sustainability one topic at a time. Bringing an experienced pro in based on the related topic, they dive into exactly what sustainability is.

Recommended episode: Big Data and Sustainability with Kate Brandt (Leader for Sustainability at Google). This episode of Sustainability Defined dives into big data and the massive collection of information from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! in order to deliver all kinds of insights. Kate Brandt is the Leader for Sustainability at Google and goes into how Google uses big data to increase sustainability around the world.

*Amanda Nielsen contributed to this article.


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