Written by Kelly Steward, CPA

Motivation killers and what to do about them

We all have our days when just rolling out of bed takes everything we’ve got.

Are you tired and burned out? Have you set the right goals for yourself? Do you find yourself thinking you could be doing something else that provides more challenge and stimulation? Are you scared of something? Any of these things can be demotivating, but finding the source and addressing it can make getting out of a bed a lot easier.

I am just so tired!

Now you’ve done it. You put in a solid 50 hours this week, made it to every single soccer game, did some networking, and made sure to make enough time for your family as well. And now? You have no drive to do anything else that would typically interest you. That party on Saturday that you’ve been looking forward to all month? You don’t attend it. Taking your dog to his favorite park? It’s easier to skip it. You would much rather do nothing. Constantly pushing yourself to unsustainable limits will result in extreme burnout and could eventually have negative impacts on your everyday life. The quality of your work may suffer. You may not end up being entirely present for your family. Well, you must always meet your core needs.

Easy answer? Get some rest! Take some time for yourself and get some rest and sleep. Your brain will balance out, and once your core needs are met, the motivation will naturally return.

I am not accomplishing my goals!

Everyone has goals. Small, medium, and big ones. Short- and long-term. But not accomplishing goals can quickly pull the plug on your motivation. Things don’t always go your way. There are variables and obstacles in life than can make achieving goals seem downright impossible. However, making sure you have the right goals for yourself can help.

Easy answer? “Why and who?” Ask yourself this question about every goal you are working towards accomplishing right now in your life. Why did you set the goal? What is the outcome after accomplishing it? Goals are not static in all cases. A goal you made last month may not be relevant today. Holding on to the wrong goals lead to demotivation because deep down in your subconscious, you already know it’s not the right goal.

Don’t let the “failure” of not accomplishing your goals take over because goals do change. Whose goal is it? Is it truly your goal, or was it set just because someone else is doing it? So and so went back to school and got their PhD, so I should too. Hold on, does it make sense for you? Is this part of your higher purpose? Always re-evaluate your goals and ensure they are remaining relevant to you and you’re not doing something just because someone else is.

I’m just so bored with life!

There will be times in your life when the repetitiveness can start to take a toll. Same thing every day. Wake up, go to work, come home, walk the dog, feed the family, watch some reality TV, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. This can get pretty boring, and it means there is not enough challenge in your life.  Human beings have a natural desire to grow and learn, and when not enough challenges are present, it can actually disturb your basic human instinct.

Easy answer? Evaluate your everyday routine and find out where you can insert something challenging. Maybe instead of the two hours of binge-watching your favorite show on Hulu after the kids are tucked in, work on a complicated puzzle. Why just walk the dog after work? Start teaching the dog a new trick. Making meatloaf again? Discover a new recipe to make dinner more exciting. Our minds need stimulation, and that doesn’t come from doing the same exact thing every single day.

I’m afraid to try!

The fear of failure is what keeps a lot of people from going for what they want. Do I take this job for less income even though it’s what I’m incredibly passionate about? Do I pass up the opportunity to speak in front of C-suite professionals? Am I afraid to mess up, even though this presentation can greatly slingshot my chances at that promotion? A lot of times, our fear of failure has to do with how you think others will perceive you. This mindset is demotivating at its best because it’ll always be a barrier to you just going for it! Do YOU want it?

Easy answer? Always do scary but rewarding things. You have to discern for yourself what is right for you and your family. Your fear of failure will go away if you honor yourself and stop caring so much about other’s opinions.

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